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“A secure command of English is the gateway to every subject. It opens up infinite opportunities as well as strengthens, and safeguards, interactions.”


What is magic about English?

We believe that what is magic about English is that it is the key to unlocking all other subjects. Our subject enables pupils to become more confident readers and writers, so that they can express their thoughts clearly to answer a Science, Maths or History question. It is the essence of communication, of socialising. It builds confidence in oracy, in presenting to our peers and understanding nuance.


What will pupils miss if they do not study English?

Students will miss the opportunity to delve into other worlds, to get lost in a story and then create their own. Studying English equals more opportunities, in their chosen careers, in their further education and in their communication with others.


What is unique about studying English?

English is the key to unlocking all other subjects. It is the essence of communication and understanding. Through English we can learn empathy, discuss social issues, different cultures and contexts in a safe environment. We can hone skills of critical thinking and understand the world around us.


English intent statement: 

A study of English provides the skills to adapt in a rapidly changing world, and  exposes students to “the best that has been thought and said” (Matthew Arnold), and “is perhaps the greatest of human inventions…books break the shackles of time…proof that humans are capable of working magic” (Carl Sagan). 

We have designed our English curriculum with the intent that all children, regardless of background, will become fluent, insightful readers and technically skilled, creative writers. Our children will engage with a range of genres and develop their understanding of fiction and non-fiction styles. Our Curriculum has been developed to instil in all children a love of reading and writing which will support their cultural, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. A good grasp of English is the bedrock of the entire curriculum, and children who are confident and adept readers and writers will be empowered to succeed in all other areas

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