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Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.

Shakuntala Devi, Indian writer and mental calculator - was known as the ‘Human Computer’


What is magic about maths?

Maths helps us to explain the world that we live in. The world that we live in also illustrates the beauty of maths, from the geometry in a beehive to the chaos of a thunderstorm, Maths is all around us. It helps us to solve problems and can help our learning in all the other subject that we study.


What would pupils miss if they did not study maths?

An understanding of Maths is so important in our everyday lives, from buying items in shops to making a cake, to catching the right bus and arriving at School in time. Maths skills are necessary in many other subjects, and has so many different but interlinking topics, there are always opportunities to discover something new.


What is unique about maths?

No matter your age or ability there is an area of mathematics that could excite and challenge you either within mathematics itself or used to enhance your learning of another subject. The study of mathematics will help you to grow as a person, improving your thinking, communication and problem-solving skills. Within mathematics, there is both beauty and logic, abstract thought and organisation, as well as the perfect combination of art and science.


Curriculum intent statement:

At Thomas Hall School, we recognise the importance that mathematics holds in the world beyond the classroom.  It is critical to science, technology, engineering and many other forms of employment.  

We are committed to ensuring the children are able to recognise the importance mathematics has in the wider world, as well as ensuring they can use their own mathematical skills confidently in a range of contexts.  It is essential that the children recognise the importance mathematics has on their world and understand the purpose behind their learning. 

We want the children to access a challenging curriculum that encompasses a joy for maths, where the children are not afraid to take risks and experiment with methods.  We aim for our children to become resilient, lifelong learners, able to make links and connections not only between key areas of mathematics, but to other subjects across their curriculum such as science and music. 

Our aim as a school is to provide a high-quality mathematics curriculum so that all children can: 

·Become fluent in the fundamentals of maths through varied and frequent practice;

 ·Reason mathematically using appropriate language decisively; 

·Solve problems using a range of effective and efficient strategies. 

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