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“Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge.” – Thomas Edison

What is magic about Science?

At a glance, science involves communication with different people, teaches patience and perseverance, can help pupils form scepticism, teaches pupils about the world around them, and lets them know that they can help solve the world's problems. You can see, feel, hear and smell science.

What will pupils miss if they do not study science?

The core knowledge has been chosen in order to aid children's understanding of the Big Ideas of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science. Threads of scientific enquiry skills have also been selected as the drivers of delivering subject content. These include: observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying and classifying, comparative testing, fair testing and research. Across a term, pupils have the opportunity to learn subject content in different ways in order to develop their scientific enquiry skills.

What is unique about the study of science?

Science is a subject about awe, wonder, curiosity and experimentation. Pupils will be inspired to consider problems or unknowns and then investigate resolutions and answers. Additionally, pupils today are growing up in a world where there is a STEAM skills shortfall. We have a duty to prepare the next generation for jobs that are required to ensure our country and economy thrive.

Science intent statement:

Science is exciting, innovative and one of the most fundamental subjects that pupils study: everything in life has a link to Science. Our pupils experience a broad science curriculum that is designed to inspire, build skills and enable pupils to investigate the world around them.

Pupils will experience a diverse and engaging curriculum taught via practicals, mapped across all key stages, and theory which builds on prior knowledge and spirals from Year 1 through to Year 11; ensuring content is linked directly to the programme of study. The curriculum is built to match the school’s resources and pupil need, making full use of our surroundings and natural environment. Our lessons will be engaging and enriched in school, and shared electronically for those who are unable to attend. Teachers will plan from a central curriculum, mapped across all Key Stages to ensure no gaps exists.

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