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The Thomas Hall Way

Our educational philosophy is simple. We believe that everyone within our community deserves to be recognised as an individual. We expect our learners to be ambitious, to want to challenge themselves and to take every opportunity that they are offered.   

Pupils in our school develop a love of learning, a care for the natural world and go on to fulfil their academic and personal potential in a kind, community setting. ​ 

For our pupils:   

Each child is known and respected as an individual by staff who promote intellectual curiosity so that pupils are ready to take their place in an ever-changing world. 

We celebrate differences so that we can succeed together and ensure that every pupil not only reaches but exceeds their aspirational targets. We believe in nurturing our pupils on their educational journey so that they can build confidence and resilience that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

For our staff:   

Our staff are exceptional practitioners, and we believe in inspiring them to become even better. We encourage self-development and our staff pursue professional pathways and leadership opportunities that enhance learning experiences for themselves and the pupils they support. 

For our parents:  

Our focus on community and collaboration is a vital part of our commitment to working with our parents. We want parents to feel included in our school, whether your child is in reception or Year 11, and we are proud of our thriving and vibrant school community.  

Educational Aspirations  

Every one of us makes a unique journey through education and into working life, and we guide and support our pupils to follow the pathway that best suits their needs. We offer academic excellence and outstanding pastoral support, and we aim to empower each child to strive for their individual goals while building a wide skill and knowledge base and becoming the person they want to be. 


Character Development  

We believe in building key elements of character through our curriculum and our extra curricula activities, across the school community. Our staff, pupils and other members of our school family live by these values in our day-to-day experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Our key areas of focus are: 


Learning to have respect for yourself, other people and the world we live in is an essential tenet of a positive learning journey, and one we encourage throughout our lives at Thomas Hall School. We encourage a particular emphasis on caring for our natural environment.  


Integrity and strength of character are characteristics that will take our pupils far, and we believe in nurturing these qualities at all opportunities. 


We believe that it’s vital for our pupils to identify their inner strength and develop the courage to stand up for themselves and their ideals. 


Learning to self-motivate and take responsibility for oneself is a core skill that we encourage throughout our community. 


Understanding the world from the perspective of others is an important life skill and one that we aim to foster through our curriculum and enhanced by our programme of citizenship days, as well as through experiencing our nurturing environment on a daily basis. 


We prioritise creating a culture of appreciation and encourage our learners to look for the things they can be thankful for at every opportunity. 


Kindness is embedded throughout our philosophy and we believe that this underpins every one of our values. The adults and children in our school community value kindness above all, and this is reflected throughout our provision. 


We strive to promote wellbeing as a key principle for everyone who is part of our school family, and this creates a nurturing atmosphere throughout the school. Our beautiful school site helps us to make the most of our connection with nature and our on-site forest school is a fantastic provision, regularly accessed by every pupil. Every child’s needs are known, and we work hard to create an ideal environment in which all can flourish. 


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Thomas Hall, Cowley Bridge Road, Exeter EX4 5AD

T: 01392 757371