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At Thomas Hall School, we believe our uniform gives our students a sense of identity and pride in our school. Since we are an all through school, we have two uniforms to differentiate between Primary and Secondary.

In the lead up to joining Reach South Academy Trust, Pupils and Staff provided feedback on their views regarding uniform and in response we have developed the below options that will be available from Thomas Moore from Tuesday 30th May.

Please note, that we will have a gradual phasing in of the new uniform. Pupils can choose to wear their previous Avanti Uniform up until the end of the summer term 2024; but we will then expect every pupil to be in the new Thomas Hall uniform by September 2024.


Primary PE kit

Primary PE Kit will continue to consist of:

  • White polo or t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers


Secondary Uniform Option 1: 

Secondary Uniform Option 2:

  • Black Thomas Hall T-Shirt or Polo Shirt
  • Black Thomas Hall School jacket – please note, this will not be available for a couple of weeks.
  • Grey or black trousers, shorts or skirts. The skirt must be knee-length.
  • Black shoes

Secondary PE kit

All students will be expected to have a PE kit following the expectations below:

For Year 7-10:

Top Options:

• Thomas Hall School PE Polo Top or Old Avanti Hall PE Polo Top

• Plain black polo top or t-shirt

Bottom Options:

• Thomas Hall School shorts or Old Avanti Hall School shorts

• Thomas Hall School skort or Old Avanti Hall School Skort

• Thomas Hall School leggings or Joggers

• Plain black shorts or skort

• Plain black leggings or joggers

Warm Layer:

• Thomas Hall School Zip-up top

Please note that the plain black items (polo tops, t-shirts, shorts, skorts, and leggings) should not have any graphic prints and, if they are logoed, the logo should be small and discreet.

For Year 11: We understand that Year 11 students may already have their PE kit from previous years. As such, we are not expecting Year 11 students to buy a new PE kit. Instead, they should wear one of the following options:

Top Options:

• Avanti Hall PE Polo Top

• Plain black polo top

• Plain black t-shirt

Bottom Options:

• Avanti Hall Shorts or Skort

• Plain black shorts or skort

• Plain black leggings or joggers

The official school uniform with the logo is available from Thomas Moore. Unbranded items are freely available from a range of other outlets such as supermarkets.

If your child experiences sensory issues, please see some of the websites below for Sensory friendly school uniform items:

Other Guidance:

Shoes and socks: Shoes should be plain black and leather or leather-type with plain black laces. Boots or trainers are not permitted

Jewellery & Piercings: Only religious necklaces should be worn, these should be worn inside the shirt for safety reasons.

Students are permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings, silver or gold in colour. All other piercings must be removed.

Hair and Makeup: Hair must be of a broadly natural colour, extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Borders and patterns must not be shaved into the hair or eyebrows.

Students must not wear makeup, nail varnish or false nails while in school

Hoodies: Hoodies should not be worn on school site.

Essential Items:

Weather appropriate clothing (raincoat or umbrella if necessary)

A waterproof bag/rucksack, preferably with two shoulder straps (small bags and handbags are not permitted)

Stationery: Two black or blue pens, pencil, ruler, rubber, colouring pencils

Additional Upper School stationery: Scientific calculator and protractor set, highlighters

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